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Privacy Policy 
Privacy Policy

Updated on: 11/3/2017 

What We Do With Your Information 

HeartofCamden.org  is a website that collects information from users through website forms. When your submit your personal and/or data on our site into one of our web forms, your are expressly agreeing to having any one of our distressed admins review your information & contact you via phone, email, internet, or by any other method needed.  

Once you’ve decided to enter your contact information into one of our web forms or you call our phone number, we quickly route your information to one of our designated employees. 

We Reserve the Right to Change our Privacy Policy

HeartofCamden.org reserves the right to modify, change or remove any part or section of this privacy policy at any time. We will always make our best effort to update this Privacy Policy when changes to it occur. Please note the “updated” date at the top of this page. Should we update our privacy policy, we will also update the “updated” date as well.
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